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Olive and co

Number46 Studio Candle

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The Studio Candle is a collaboration between Wardrobe Stylist Josette of Number46 and the candlemaker Madison of Olive & Co.

The inspiration

I wanted to find two different scents for my styling studio that I could share with my clients; I wanted the scents to be in a candle form to set the mood further—the scents needed to be nostalgic. I like collaborating with Madison because she has a similar relationship to fragrance and understands how important getting the right scent was for me.  

For Santo, I wanted a scent that evoked memories of thrifting, open-air flea markets, and vintage clothing that held the smell of churchgoers from decades past. 

For some people, clothing with a scent might not be the most appealing. For those who are nostalgic, it can be comforting. I love being a part of a circular industry. I think the smell Santo perfectly captures what this experience smells like to me. 


About Olive and Co.

Olive and Co. have 100% handmade soy wax. To learn more about Madison and Olive and Co, Check out the company website here.