Picture of founder, Josette Kouyomjian
Stylist/Founder Number46, Josette Kouyomjian



Number46 - New Beginnings

Number46 was born out of the desire to make a difference. To break the fashion rules and bring style and inspiration into every day, without sacrificing quality or our values. I think this is possible and sustainable.

Hello, I'm Josette Kouyomjian, the founder of Number46, a sustainable fashion brand and styling studio. I'm glad you're here. What I do for fun happens to be what I do for a living. You'll often find me digging through charity shops or behind the scenes volunteering as a sorter. It's all consumption, we all consume, and some of us as a sport. It all fascinates me; if you find it interesting, love getting dressed up, or want to explore different ways of consuming, I'm your girl. Think of me as your ultimate shopping buddy. 

I have over 20 years of wardrobe styling experience. National and regional magazines have featured my businesses. I have been a guest on podcast and a guest on sustainable business conversations.  My styling has been featured on Page Six and seen on the Red Carpet. I've collaborated with other sustainable stylists and continue to find new ways to reach a larger audience to share my styling and shopping philosophy. 

My Philosophy

Many of us out there share the same passion for the environment, each of us can make a difference. By sharing the message of mindful consumption, we will see fewer mindless purchases, which equals fewer textiles in our landfills.

My proudest moments since launching Number46 has been watching once fast fashion addicts convert to secondhand conscious shoppers. Watching people who claimed to not have "a style" express themselves through my curated secondhand finds.

I love what I've created with Number46. I'm confident that you will LOVE it too! 

I would love for you to be my next client and part of our growing circle - together, we make a difference.

Join me and LOVE What You Wear!
XO, Josette