Client Testimonials

Natalie Rubio, Beauty Professional and Monthly Style Box Subscriber

Josie is fabulous! She has the ability to capture an individual's unique style.  

Lara Riccomini, Pharmaceutical Representative and Quarterly Style Box Subscriber 

Josette has helped me fit style to personality. Her advice has made my life easier and I feel more fashionable. 

Nicole Ansari-Cox,  Award winning director/producer; actor; coach, and yoga therapist and Number46 Style Box Subscriber, The Designer Box 

I had been waiting for my style box from the new startup sustainable fashion company Number46 to arrive with abated breath...The joy and sheer delight and the Ohhh's and Ahhhh's that spontaneously erupted in me knew no bounds Grab the opportunity... Josette Kouyomjian, stylist to the stars (f.ex. The Golden Globes, where we met). What I love about this new sustainable fashion business is that she uses secondhand and vintage clothes mostly and works with sustainable designers and artists. Call it slow fashion. It supper affordable - but wait when the word is out! I am so grateful for the love and care Josette poured in the creation of my box. 

Derek Chaney, Graphic Designer and Number46 Style Box Subscriber, The Quarterly Style Box

This is absolutely as awesome and as much fun as I thought it would be. Thank you so much for your thoughtful work. It's clear that you put your heart and soul into it and care about helping your customers find joy! Can't wait for the the next box

Gregory Porter, Blue Note Recording Artist and Grammy Award Winning Artist, Wardrobe Styling Client  

Style has a lot to do with personality, what Josette does is define the individuals personality. Helping style and charisma come through with the clothing. 


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My stylist gets me, she really gets me!

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