Specialty Box Subscription

The Collectors Style Box

In the Number46 Studio, I always keep a selection of high-end designer items.  Special finds that will keep their value and can be passed down for generations. 

I decided to make this available for my subscribers who want to add a collection of designer items into their wardrobes. 

The Accessories Style Box

Accessories are near and dear to me.  I always work with accessories to create a look.  For those clients who want to build their accessories collection or who simply can't get enough jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, belts, etc. The Accessories Box is perfect!  + this makes an excellent feel good treat to yourself - we can all use a little more self-care afterall.  

My stylist gets me, she really gets me!

Style Box Subscription

We thoughtfully curate secondhand and vintage pieces for your wardrobe. Each box is created, packaged,and shipped directly to your door. When you look in your closet all you will see is LOVE.

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