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Homebody Candle Co.

Homebody Candle Co. - Travel Diffusers • Hanging: Palo Santo

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Freshen up your car with one of our new, limited-edition hanging car diffusers! Your favorite scents are now ready for you to pop in your car + essentially forget about them until they run out! Housed in a glass vessel, with a wooden cap + a natural colored braided cord to hang from. How to Use: • Untwist wooden cap + remove plastic plug. Place wooden cap back on + flip it upside down for a few seconds so the oil inside can saturate the wooden cap. Place the plastic plug back into the neck of the bottle to prevent leak. Twist the wooden cap back on, twisting tightly to make sure it's flush Care: Make sure this diffuser is sitting as upright as possible! Please be aware that there are oils in here, which when not used properly, could cause damage to upholstery/leather. Make sure you tighten the cap as much as possible + keep an eye out for any loose drips caused by hitting potholes or other things in the road!

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