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Moroccan Babouche Basic Slippers, Black: Small

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Pack of 2. Our women's Moroccan Babouche Basic Slippers in Black are a contemporary take on a traditional design. Handmade by leather artisans in Morocco, these best-selling mules are soft, lightweight and effortlessly slip on and off; the perfect house shoes. A stylish, conscientious birthday or Christmas gift for those who value slow fashion and traditional craftmanship. Curate your own babouche slipper collection from our wide range of colours and styles for your customers this autumn and winter. Please note: Our babouche slippers are cured using traditional, natural processes that can lead to a strong scent that fades quickly on airing. • Ethically Handmade in Morocco • Leather • For indoor use only • Small | US 6 | EUR 35-37 | UK 3-4 • Medium | US 7 | EUR 38-39 | UK 5-6 • Large | US 9 | EUR 40 | UK 7

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